Hello everybody!
My name is Gianpiera. I’m an Italian visual stylist, digital coach and designer based in Paris. Welcome to Good Life o’clock. A place for slow, passionate and creative living.

I grew up in Sardinia, a beautiful Italian island in the heart of the Mediterranean, in a gorgeous city beside the sea, Alghero. It was a time of innocence, when children were given plenty of freedom to play outdoors and explore the world without fear. I keep sweet memories of a candid childhood made of simple joyful moments spent in the nature, running wild in the beach and breathing the beauty around me.

Growing up in Italy I was also mused by a prosperous tradition of arts and crafts. This environment let me develop a pure love for all things artistic and handmade. So, parallel to my studies and daily job, I have spent great part of my life as a creator, exploring different creative mediums, such as painting, illustration, decoupage, beads weaving and paper design. All of these experiences have contributed to my approach to photography. However, it was during my PhD studies in critic of cinema and psychology of images and emotions that my love for photography and design grew into my passion, becoming the foundation of my creative work ever since.

Today, combining my academic studies with my journey as a visual creative and designer I wish to share my knowledge and inspire you to follow your passions, through a series of projects and one-on-one mentoring courses. My wish is to help you to express your creativity in the way that’s best for you, whether that’s through art, styling or the way you look at the world through a camera lens.

As a visual storyteller and stylist, I specialize in still life, lifestyle and food photography.
I’m also the owner and designer behind Creheart, a brand of emotional designs, meant to elicit positive feelings.

I currently live in Paris, but work worldwide. I mainly collaborate with advertising agencies, food / product brands and privates who want to develop their communication strategies and release their creativity.

I’m always eager to meet inspiring minds, so if you’re a creative and want to get in touch or simply say hello, do not hesitate to send me an email at goodlifeoclock@hotmail.com

If you want to be a part of the Good Life o’clock community, you can follow me on

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