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Moroccan Baghrir – Thousand holes crêpes – Pancake dai mille buchi

Today we will travel to Morocco to discover a new recipe of this fabulous country: Baghrir, also known as thousand holes pancakes. Baghrir Original from the South of Morocco, baghrirs are also popular in Algeria and Tunisia. The recipe of these spongy honeycomb-like pancakes varies throughout the North Africa and the same happens with its name. In the Eastern part of Algeria, for instance, they are called “ghrayef”, in Constantine “korsa” and in Kabylia  “tighrifin”. Well, to make it easy we will  simply call them Baghrir.

Now, let’s bring a pinch of Morocco to our tables. Baghrirs are very easy to make and will be appreciated by kids and adults. Here you are the list of ingredients you need:

250 g semolina
4 tbs flour
1tbs yeast
370 ml warm water
22 g baking powder

(Optional: a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon sugar)


You can substitute water with milk, for a softer pancake (and for a vegan version of the recipe you can use soja milk or rice milk. This is logically far away from the original recipe, but you can have a try).


Place all the ingredients – except the baking powder – in a bowl and blend together, until  the lumps are gone (about 5 minutes). Add baking powder and mix again for other 2 minutes. Now you are ready to make you delicious pancakes. Slightly grease a non-stick  pan with a paper-towel deeped in oil. With a soup ladle, pour the dough on the pan and let cook. If little bubbles start to pop up all across the surface, that means you are doing a good job!
Baghrir 11

Cook the pancakes (one side only) until all traces of raw dough disappear. Let them get golden and… here you are! Your Baghrirs are ready to serve!


Traditionally, Baghrir are served with a butter-honey sauce, but they can also be served plain, with sugar, jam, chocolate spread or other toppings. During my stay in Morocco (2011) I used to have them with orange marmalade and they were simply delicious. I brought back this lovely memory to my breakfast table this morning and they made my day!

Baghrir 3 Now it’s your turn! If you try the recipe, let me know how you love it!


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